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Drum Lessons - Nashville, TN

Timing Is Everything: A Systematic Approach to Drum Set Fundamentals
by Jake Burton

Timing Is Everything: A Systematic Approach to Drum Set Fundamentals by Jake Burton
Jake Burton is the author of the drumming instructional book Timing is Everything.  Topics in the book include: rudimental studies, eighth note based grooves, six eight (Blues), shuffles, fills, eighth and sixteenth based grooves, one handed sixteenth note grooves, two handed sixteenth note grooves, halftime shuffles, broken sixteenth grooves, country, disco and dance grooves, New Orleans grooves, a complete study of Jazz, Caribbean/Island grooves, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, double bass, odd time signatures, advanced grooves, chops building exercises, a study of song forms and soloing concepts, reading text applications, and more.  The book also contains an extensive glossary of drumming terminology.  A CD is included with the book which demonstrates all of the grooves first at a slow speed and then at performance speed.  It is perfect for complete beginners and advanced players alike!

Ability Level:  ALL

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of Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything is also available at Fork's Drum Closet, Atom Heart Music, Springfield Guitar Company, and Amazon.

Private Drum Lessons:

Private drum lessons are offered at these locations:

            1) Fork's Drum Closet in Nashville, TN

            2) Springfield Guitar Company in Springfield, TN

            3) Jake's home in Smyrna, TN (limited availability)


- Lessons are one hour in length and cost $40 per session

- All ages and abilities are welcome.

- Areas of study include: reading music, learning various styles (Jazz, Rock, Funk, Latin, etc.), rudimental studies, performance techniques/concepts, and more.   

- Required materials include a book (Timing Is Everything), drumsticks, and a practice pad.  A metronome is strongly recommended. Owning a drum set is not required.

- Checks (payable to Jake Burton) and cash are accepted. (cash is preferred)

- Lesson fees are to be prepaid one month at a time.

- Lesson cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to the lesson.  If a 24 hour notice is not given, the student will be charged for the lesson.  To cancel a lesson, the student/guardian must call or email the instructor.

Fork's Drum Closet Drum Lessons
Jake's Private Teaching Studio at Fork's Drum Closet

Online Video Drum Lessons:
Now you can take online drum lessons in the privacy of your own home via webcam!  Webcam drum lessons are just like having a private teacher in the same room with you.  You can hear and see each other in real time, ask questions, and learn the material just like you are there in person.  After trying video lessons, many students have preferred them because they can take the lesson on their own drumset in the comfort of their own home.  Once you pay for your lesson, a consultation will be set up to discuss what you would like to cover in your lesson. 

For online drum lessons you will need:
- a computer
     - a webcam (they may be purchased for as little as $5 to $10 on Amazon)
Skype (a free program used for the video lesson)

Call or email if you have any questions or if you would like to sign up for a video lesson with Jake.
Online Drum Lessons
Click "Buy Now" to purchase your online drum lesson.

To purchase more than one lesson, please call or email and an invoice will be sent to you for the full amount.

Free Online Drum Lesson Videos:

Basic Grooves and Reading Drum Set Notation:

Download the PDF here

Basic Technique:

Single & Double Stroke Rolls:

The Paradiddle Family:

Paradiddle Applications On The Drum Set:

Double Bass Ideas:





















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