Custom Jazz Kit
Where The Wild Things Are

This drum set was featured in Modern Drummer Magazine in April 2010.

This is my custom "Where The Wild Things Are" drum kit.  I scanned images from the book and then had custom drum wraps made through Rockenwraps.  I converted a 16" tom into a bass drum by drilling holes for, and adding, a bass drum lift, bass drum spurs, and mounting brackets.  The wood hoops on the bass drum are Yamaha Vintage maple hoops.  The 12" floor tom is floating on a Gauger Dynahoop which removes all of the stress from the drum shell and allows it to resonate more.  The 10" rack tom is mounted via a standard RIMS mounting system. The 16" kick drum has a Yamaha bass drum lift which is used to raise the level of the drum off of the ground and to give the pedal an attachment point. The shells are Pacific birch and are made by DW.  I use this  kit for Jazz and I think it sounds and looks great.  I put quite a bit of time into this drum set and I am very happy with the results.